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Truck/Bus Driving Simulator
The EF Truck/Bus NG is the latest generation of the ECA Group's popular truck driving simulator, capable of simulating a variety of vehicle types. The system incorporates a realistic cab, a motion platform for enhanced realism and lifelike graphics to produce an immersive training environment. As well as the free driving training environment, the system includes integrated driver training programs which address basic to advanced driving aspects, including: A virtual instructor can narrate the lesson and walk the driver through an exercise, while providing verbal, written and graphical feedback. The software offers dense traffic interaction, which can expose the driver to driving in challenging conditions. Practice scenarios can be created easily and quickly and data captured to measure driver performance. In addition, the Instructor Tablet provides an additional level of interaction between driver and trainer, allowing an instructor to easily interact and modify scenarios.

Hardware Overview:

The driving equipment replicates the ergonomics of a real driving situation. The innovative cab design, which includes an elevated cab, incorporates a steel base and chassis, "step-up" with safety handles as well as a range of genuine OEM truck components, such as steering wheel, shifter, seat, hand controls and pedals.

An LCD display dashboard includes the instruments, gauges, counters, indicators and warning lights typically found in heavy vehicles. Two manual gearboxes and an automatic gearbox selector are available on the simulator with shift multi-speed synchronized, non-synchronized, automatic and semi-automatic transmissions.

The dynamic platform replicates movements including rolling, tilting and pitching to replicate the feeling on different driving conditions, such as accelerating or braking on a slope.

The audio visual system incorporates surround sound functionality to further replicate the reality of sound location and movement.

Software Overview:

The software accompanying the system allows drivers to learn in a free driving environment as well as through a comprehensive range of training scenarios. There are over 40 lessons included and by selecting from the range of options available within the system, new scenarios can be created.

The software utilises high-fidelity vehicle dynamic models to accurately mimic the handling characteristics of real vehicles. There are multiple Vehicle Classes to select from including semi-trucks, straight trucks and buses, as well as multiple Trailer types including pup trailers, standard van trailers, flatbeds, tankers with liquid load simulation and oversize/overweight units.

Importantly, users are able to take advantage of the configurable vehicle settings, together with a range of environment settings, to develop scenarios to test and train drivers in a range of conditions. Aspects such as tyres, braking systems, vehicle lengths and types, engine types, load weights and locations can all be adjusted easily, as too can driving locations, traffic levels, weather conditions, visibility, wind levels, vehicle hazards and environmental hazards.

In addition, the Eco-Drive Assessment, part of the learning achievable with the simulator, delivers detailed feedback on the fuel consumption and fuel economy characteristics of each driver's performance.

Included with the simulator is a straightforward student management system to record and store driver results. This allows for meaningful feedback today and into the future whereby individual driver improvement over time can be monitored. In addition, the repeatability of scenarios allows for accurate comparison of driver skills across a range of drivers.